The Planning of Emergency Seed Supply for Afghanistan in 2002 and Beyond
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Appendix 1 - Conversion table of Afghan to Julian months.

No. of month Afghan Name Julian Equivalent
No. 1 Hamal 21st March (Now Ruz) to 20th April
No. 2 Saur 21st April to 20th May
No. 3 Jowza 21st May to 20th June
No. 4 Saratan 21st June to 20th July
No. 5 Asad 21st July to 20th August
No. 6 Sonbola 21st August to 20th September
No. 7 Mizan 21st Sept to 20th October
No. 8 Aghrab 21st Oct to 20th November
No. 9 Qaus 21st Nov to 20th December
No. 10 Jadi 21st Dec to 20th January
No. 11 Dalowa 21st Jan to 20th February
No. 12 Hud 21st Feb to 20th March
Source: kindly provided by Anthony Fitzherbert.
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