The Planning of Emergency Seed Supply for Afghanistan in 2002 and Beyond
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Facultative Wheat wheat cultivars with a medium vernalization requirement (usually 3-4 weeks) and good cold tolerance
Jerib Afghan unit of land area equal to 2000 sq. meters or 0.2 hectares
Lalmi rainfed
Landrace a traditional crop variety that has not been improved by scientists, typically having more variability and genetic diversity that a cultivar
Seer Afghan unit of weight equal to 7.08 kg. 1 seer/jerib = 35.4 kg/hectare
Spring Wheat wheat cultivars (SW) that require little (2 weeks) or no vernalization requirement prior to flowering, plant 1 Mar-30 April in Afghanistan, depending on the region
Valayat province
Vernalization the requirement of young plant to be subject to a certain amount of cold temperature in order for flowering to occur later in the growing season
Winter Wheat wheat cultivars with good cold tolerance and with vernalization requirements, planted Sept 1-Dec 30 in Afghanistan,depending on the region
Woluswali district

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